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1957 Norm Anderson purchased a bookkeeping practice from Jack Duggan and started his accounting practice. The firm name at this time was Peterson Lorenz and Cole PLC. Norm didn't retire until 1986.

1963 Judy Hudson joined Norm Anderson. She retired fully in 2016.

1964 Larry Peretti bought into the firm. Larry's partner at that time was Jack Warner who was retiring, therefore Larry joined Norm. They ended up with two offices, one in the Fidelity building and one in the Farmers & Merchants building on Sprague.

1968 Hugh Hurlbert joined in the Valley Office. He became partner in 1975 and retired in 2001.

1969 Norm and Larry broke off and became Anderson, Peretti & Co.

1970 Bill Crawford joined the firm at the downtown office located in the Old National Bank building. He became a partner in 1975 and retired in 2002.

1977 Bob Zins joined the firm, moving to Spokane from Great Falls, Montana. He became a partner in 1981.

1991 Bob Sanders joined the firm, moving to Spokane from Oregon to be closer to home. He has been a partner since 1993.

2008 Erica Young joined the team after 9 years with another Spokane firm. She became a partner in 2012.

2009 Elias Siriani joined the firm after working with firms in California and Washington. Elias became a partner in 2015.


The knowledge and expertise at Anderson, Peretti & Co., CPAs P.S. is wide and deep. Of the accounting team we have in place today, many of them have several decades with the firm. Those who are newer to the firm have over a decade of experience in the public accounting world in total. Currently, the firm has 8 CPAs, 5 accounting professionals, and 3 administrative support persons at the height of tax season. Several of our team members continue to work year around, but on a reduced work schedule outside of tax season.

We expanded into St Maries, Idaho in the early 70s. Now our office there is open year-round. We are focused on growing that office clientele, but in the meantime our current local clients enjoy the lack of a commute to our offices for drop off or pick up of accounting records.

Our services have expanded over the years. We have been providing accounting and tax services since the beginning and now those services include business consulting, computerized accounting system support and training, and most recently, governmental accounting services. The process of providing those services has changed dramatically over the years, and the way we do business has gone very technological in recent years. Early in the firm, the tax returns may have been printed from a main frame computer and assembled by laying each page stack side-by-side in the conference room and walking around the table picking up page 1 from the first stack, page 2 from the second, etc. These days, like many businesses, we are paperless-- scanning, emailing, and e-filing everything possible.

Anderson, Peretti & Co., CPAs P.S.'s long standing connection to the Greater Spokane Valley Chamber of Commerce has been one of service, as Larry Peretti was the Chair of the Board of Directors in 1971. Erica Young serves as Chair Elect for 2017 and will serve as Chair of the Board of Directors for 2018, while Bob Sanders serves on the Spokane Valley Chamber Foundation Board. We are proud to have maintained our Chamber membership for almost 60 years.


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St. Maries Office

Anderson Peretti & Co.
201 N. 8th Street, Suite 12
St. Maries, Idaho 83861

phone: (208) 245 2455
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