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Business Management Consulting
Helping you make good business decisions.

At Anderson, Peretti & Co. our ultimate goal is the success of our client's business. We combine our knowledge of tax and accounting with extensive experience gained from working with hundreds of small businesses to help our clients make astute business decisions. Should I incorporate? When to expand? Where to save costs? Lease or buy? Our staff is prepared to help you with these important business decisions.

The big decision may be when to sell your business and to whom. Whether the successor is a family member or trusted employee, a competitor or someone you don't even know, we are prepared to offer our guidance and knowledge.

QuickBooks Pro Advisors
We are ready to help with all of your QuickBooks needs.

Our firm has invested heavily in gaining and maintaining the knowledge necessary to help our clients with virtually all of their QuickBooks related needs. Our QuickBooks Pro Advisors have received certifications in the current and numerous prior versions of the software. They stand ready to help with a simple question or to develop a new accounting system tailored to your specific business needs from scratch. We provide hands on training to our clients in our office in which you work with your own data while you learn the software. We also can stop by your office or connect electronically to help resolve your QuickBooks questions.

Audits and Financial Statements
Let us maximize the benefits of your required financial statements.

We view our role in the financial statement reporting process as an opportunity to provide constructive solutions for maximizing your company's profitability and efficiency. Whether for banking, bonding or other regulatory issues, many businesses are required to provide CPA prepared financial statements. At Anderson, Peretti & Co. we have experience in financial statements for small businesses, non–profits, and governmental agencies. Whether it be an audited, reviewed or compiled statement, we work closely with our clients and those who are requiring the statement to insure that the financial statement meets the needs of all parties on a timely basis and does so at a reasonable cost.

Payroll and Bookkeeping Services
Cost effective services that save you time.

Most people do not start a business because they want to do the bookkeeping. At the same time, it is not economically feasible to hire a bookkeeper in-house. Our bookkeeping and payroll services are designed to meet that need by providing high quality bookkeeping or payroll service on an hourly or contract basis. Our payroll service includes direct deposit of employees' paychecks, direct payment of payroll taxes and preparation of all payroll tax forms. Our bookkeeping services are tailored to the needs of the particular client and can range from after-the-fact data entry to complete billing and bill paying services.

Business Income Tax
Saving taxes through thoughtful planning.

Managing income taxes for your business takes careful thought and planning. In most cases the best tax results are those that were planned for throughout the year rather than after the year has closed. Our approach to managing business income taxes begins with getting to know our client's business very well. We make a point to communicate throughout the year. This approach allows us to foresee the potential tax consequences of upcoming business transactions and in many cases suggest alternatives that reduce the tax liability. With proper planning, the process of preparing the annual income tax return is more efficient and with very few surprises.

Individual Income Tax
We get to know you, not just your numbers.

Preparing a 1040 form is often far more complex than entering numbers into tax prep software. Much like doing math with a calculator, if you don't understand the underlying rules, you won't know if you got the right answer. Our individual tax return process starts with getting to know you. We spend the time to learn about your specific situation and goals. Often, our discussion branches out into other areas, such as retirement planning, estate planning or college savings. Our 1040 preparation process requires at least two experienced professionals to prepare and review the return for errors or missed tax opportunities. This full service approach is what sets us apart from the quickie tax prep services. At the same time, we find that our fees are similar to the franchised tax preparation services for most returns. We e-file the majority of the returns we prepare and have never charged extra for that service.

Retirement and Estate Planning
Living for today can be a lot of fun, until tomorrow.

We believe that we would be doing our clients a disservice to not discuss the concepts of retirement and estate planning along with our other services. We assist our clients in understanding and utilizing pension plans, IRAs, and other retirement savings tools to their fullest extent. We also consult on other types of long term investing, including real estate, securities, insurance products and others. Our goal is to help you reach your retirement with confidence in a well grounded financial plan. We do not sell investments or insurance but provide independent advice to our clients.

The estate planning portion of our practice focuses on the transition of our client's assets to their heirs in an orderly manor while minimizing state and federal income taxes. Do you need a trust? Is a LLC a good idea? These are the types of questions we can work with you to answer. It has been said that everyone already has an estate plan. It's the one the government designed for you. We like to think we can do better.

Access to other Business Professionals
Connecting you with other trusted professionals.

As your trusted advisor, our goal is to help you meet your goals. In some cases that means referring to other professionals for their expertise. At Anderson, Peretti & Co, we seek out the best professionals in complementary fields to our own. We have developed strong relationships with attorneys, investment brokers, insurance professionals, bankers, realtors and others who are in a position to serve our client's business and financial needs. We are happy to make the connections when a particular area of expertise is needed. We stay engaged in the projects being worked on by other professionals and work to coordinate those projects into the overall plan.

Fees and Billing
All services are billed on an hourly basis at rates based on the level of experience and knowledge required. We would be happy to give you an estimate of the cost of any service you may need.

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